Exceeding expectations


Our Servers

Our servers are located in the London Hosting Centre which is one of the UK's best server housing environments.

Our network uses the latest Juniper routing and HP switching systems. This gives us maximum speed and reliability to ensure the best service possible.

We have backups of all major hardware which is kept ready in the event of a hardware failure. Hardware is also updated over time to make sure we are taking full advantage of the best equipment possible.

Our connectivity is provided by a number of leading UK providers. We use BGP routing to enable us to use all our connections to get maximum performance. This also gives us 100% uptime as even if one if our lines fails there are at least two others which takeover instantly.

All our systems are covered by APC UPS back up systems for instant backup in the event of a power failure. With a diesel backup generator which provides power for prolonged power failures

Our data centre is built to an N+1 standard so this means that if two generators are required to provide non-stop power, then there’ll be three installed. So rather than guaranteeing 99.99% availability, the guarantee is 100%.

When it comes to security, we refuse to compromise. Our data centre features totally comprehensive 24/7 security to keep your data 100% safe. This means our customers have the protection of security barriers, 24x7x365 monitoring by on-site personnel to include visual verification of all personnel entering the building, CCTV video camera surveillance and a security breach alarm provides the control room with information.

Very Early Smoke Detection apparatus is installed. These highly sensitive aspirating smoke detectors are linked to the Building Management system which is monitored continually from a network operations centre; provide very early detection to help avoid fire, loss and business disruption. This is coupled with a gas based fire retardant that is environmentally friendly, to put out fires instantly, without damaging equipment.

All of our servers run CentOS Linux which is an open source UNIX based operating system. It is considered one of the best operating systems for server use due to its high reliability, security and efficient use of system resources like memory and CPU power.

We have developed our own back-end software systems to run services such as the web-server, name server and mail server. This allows us to make our system unique and design in our own special features.



Control Panel

The control panel is at the heart of all of our hosting packages. It allows you to control the features of your account like e-mail, domains, web statistics and much more. Its user-friendly graphical interface is very easy to use even by the most in-experienced of users.

Account details is a useful section on the control panel where account usage information is shown plus name servers, host names and other key bits of info for your account. You can also update your details, upgrade your account and change passwords.

Web tools is a section on the control panel which contains tools to help you use your account like a Java Tomcat manager, FrontPage manager, Graphical PHP admin interface and SSL info section.

All domains on the system have full web statistics to allow you to monitor traffic for your domains. Using the multiple analysis tools available, you can see how your site is being used, where visitors have come from and much more.

Domain control was designed and created to give users full control over their domains. Very few other companies allow such control in this way. Using the control panel you get to select where you want to point your domains on your server. Giving you the flexibility needed to control an unlimited number of domain names. It is also possible to create unlimited sub-domains and edit existing domains on you account, view details of domains and where they are currently pointing

E-mail control gives you complete control over your e-mail at the touch of a button, enabling your to create and delete mailboxes, redirects, mailing lists and auto-responders.

Reseller control is at the heart of all our reseller accounts and gives users ability to control and manage their users. Using the system you can create custom hosting accounts for your users, manage them and monitor them and see their usage information.

IMAP interface
Draft/trash/sent mail folders
Make your own folders
Create mail rules for filtering mail etc.
Address book
Rich text and HTML editor
Collect external mail

We have a full knowledge base with tutorials and how-to's to make setting up and running your account easier.



Advanced Domain Control

Advanced domain control is a unique system to us which was designed in-house to give users more control over their domains. It allows users to take control over domains in a way not offered by any other hosts. What makes it unique is the way it allows unlimited domains to be controlled and hosted on one account. You can then organise domains in many ways as shown below.
Allows multiple web sites to be hosted on one account.
Allows sites to have unlimited domains pointing to it and have the control to point domains to sub sections of sites. Allows the creation of sub domains which can be pointed to sub sections of a site.



Reseller Hosting Manager

The Reseller Hosting Manager [phpCOIN] comes with all our reseller accounts to help you run a successful hosting business by providing:

Sales Site
Orders System
Command Centre
Client System
Domains System
Billing/Invoice System
Help Desk
Content Management System


Script Library

All hosting accounts come with access to our script library to make setting up a web site even easier. With just a few clicks you can install some of the most powerful web applications with no technical knowledge.

WordPress is a state-of-the-art publishing platform with a focus on aesthetics, web standards, and usability.

Joomla! is a full-featured content management system that can be used for everything from simple websites to complex corporate applications.

phpBB is a high powered, fully scalable, and highly customizable Open Source bulletin board package.

osCommerce is the leading Open Source online shop e-commerce solution. It allows owners to setup, run, and maintain their online stores with minimum effort.

phplist is the world's most popular open source email campaign manager.

MediaWiki is a popular feature-rich wiki implementation. It is used to run Wikipedia as well as many other wikis.

phpCOIN is the ultimate tool, designed to help you manage clients, products, orders, invoices and support queries

Nucleus is a news and weblog tool. It features an easy to use interface, RSS syndication and skin support.

Form-To-Mail provides an easy and secure way to add a contact form on your web-site. On completion the form will be E-mailed to any address you specify.



Spam and Virus Protection

Mail Guard enables on average 98% of spam and all viruses to be filtered out of your incoming mail so they never get to your computer or they are tagged so they can be filtered out using your e-mail client.

Mail Guard has many features to protect you from spam and viruses on the internet, below are details on how our system can identify spam and viruses to protect you.

Heuristics Spam Detection Engine - Our spam detection system uses some of the most advanced rules to determine if an e-mail message is spam. Unlike most systems that just look for keywords to identify spam we look a little closer. The system checks many parts of the e-mail using our own special set of tests. Each test giving the message a score which are then added together at the end and messages with a high enough total score will be classed as spam.

Checksum Databases – Calculating check sums of mail you receive allows us to compare it with multiple databases of confirmed spam messages. These databases contain check sums of mail that other users have already identified as spam and reported. This is one of the best ways of recognising a spam message as most will have already been report as spam so our system will know its spam.

Virus Scanner - Mail is also virus scanned to check it doesn’t contain viruses and is deleted if a virus is detected. Our system is always right up to date with all the latest virus definitions, updating many times throughout the day. It can also scan for viruses hidden in zip and other compressed files so can be relied upon to protect you.

Intelligent white listing system – This is very special part of our system that we developed to stop any genuine mail which under very rare circumstances might be blocked. If this did happen and you have selected to have the mail bounced back, the send will be given the option to add them selves to a white list. This will then allow them to resend their message and prevent it from being blocked. What makes this system very special is the way it works to prevent spammers from adding their addresses and allows the send to instantly resend their message.

1. Genuine e-mail is sent to you but our system blocks it as it believes its spam.
2. An e-mail is sent to this person telling them that this has happened and offering them the chance to be added to our white list so they can resend the message.
3. They follow a link in the bounced message which takes them to our white listing system where they can enter their details.
4. An e-mail will then be sent to them with a link they must click on which shows that they are sending from address they have access. This is what prevents spammers from using the system as they rarely use a genuine e-mail addresses so would not be able to complete the white list signup.

Most other spam protection systems do not offer this option and if mail is blocked the sender has no way of getting their mail through. This can mean important e-mail can never get through.



Ultimate Support

With all accounts you get unlimited use of our support systems which include the following features as standard.

Daytime Telephone Support – Full phone support is provided to give a personal touch for users who wish to talk though issues with a member of our support staff.

Support Request System – Using the support request system you can submit support requests quickly and easily which will go straight though to our support department for a quick reply.

Knowledge base – We have a full knowledgebase which contains many tutorials on how to use the many features which you get with your account.

Our support staff are very friendly and helpful and can help you whether you need advanced help with scripts or just help getting to grips with your account. We take support very seriously and work hard to make sure that our users are all happy.



Money Back Guarantee

All hosting accounts purchased have a no questions asked 30 day money back guarantee, so if you purchase any product and are not totally happy with it you can get a full no questions asked refund.



Terms and Conditions

1. Definitions
1.1 Client means person, firm or company that purchases or agrees to purchase goods or services from the company.
1.2 Company means mh-p internet Limited (mh-p) (parishcouncilwebsite.net has its own Terms)
1.3 Goods or Services means the item supplied by the company as specified on the order form.
1.4 Contract means a contract for the supply of goods and services by the company.

2. Terms & Conditions
2.1 These terms and conditions apply to all contracts for the sale and supply of goods and services by the company to the exclusion of all other terms and conditions which the client may purport to apply.
2.2 By completing the order form, ordering by telephone or email or logging into your account or uploading files, the client will be deemed to have accepted and agreed to these terms and conditions.
2.3 Any variation of the terms and conditions shall be inapplicable unless agreed in writing by the company.
2.4 The company reserves the right to amend and update these terms and conditions at anytime without notice.

3. Supply
3.1 The company agrees to provide the service to the client to the extent described in the client agreement form and according to the terms and conditions of this contract. The service level shall be deemed incorporated in to this contract.
3.2 If the client's bandwidth or processor usage reaches the point where it has an adverse affect on other clients the company reserves the right to disable services until usage is reduced or a more suitable service purchased.
3.3 Each account includes a set amount of bandwidth, clients who exceed their allocation agree to pay for the additional bandwidth at a the rate of £8 per 1Gb of usage.
3.4 The company cannot guarantee any level of service, although any problems will be resolved as quickly as possible.

4. Price & Payment
4.1 Payment by the client will be either on a monthly or annual basis as detailed in the service plan.
4.2 Payment is due each anniversary month or year following the date the account was established. Clients will automatically be charged again at the end of their period unless closure notification has already been given.
4.3 Payment on a monthly basis will be by credit card or direct debit.
4.4 Payment on an annual basis will be by credit card, direct debit or invoice.
4.5 The company reserves the right to vary the amount payable (monthly or yearly) from time to time, however the company will give notice in writing 30 days prior to any such variation.
4.6 The company does not offer any form of credit to clients. Invoices are due and payable upon receipt
4.7 If payment is not made and received in full within 7 days from the completion of the agreement all technical support for the site will be revoked. If payment is still not made in the following 7-day period the client's account will be deleted from out servers and all DNS services will stop.
4.8 Any returned cheques to clients will incur an administration fee of £35.00.
4.9 The company has no obligation to carry out any work until full payment in advance has been received and cleared.
4.10 All web hosting accounts come with a 30 day money back guarantee from date of purchase, this excludes SSL certificates, domains or any other services offered. To claim you must within 30 days from date of purchase request cancellation and refund using the support request system on the control panel or by email. Renewal orders of existing accounts are not covered by this guarantee.

5. Termination
5.1 The initial term of this contract shall be the period described in the above and shall commence on the date of acceptance by the client. Thereafter the contract will continue on a monthly or annual basis unless terminated according to the provisions below.
5.2 All account cancellations must requested by through the support system on the control panel or by email with at least 7 days notice. Notifications must include user name, principal contract name and reason for cancellation. Third party cancellations are not accepted.
5.3 We the company reserve the right to cancel your account at anytime without notice.
5.4 If your account is closed under 6.0, all files will be deleted.
5.5 Any attempt to use the Control Panel for purposes other than its intended use will result in your account being. terminated.
5.6 Any improper use by the client under any sections under 6.0 may result in immediate termination of the Company's service.
5.7 If a client has ordered a service on an annual subscription the company expect the client to commit for this period of time. If the client cancels their account within this service period the company will not make any refunds for any unused portions of the client's account. Whilst the company does not offer refunds the client has no obligation to continue using our service.

6. Improper Use
6.1 The company's service may only be used for lawful purposes by the client.
6.2 Any breach of terms shall be deemed a material breach of this contract and shall entitle the company to terminate the contract irrelevant whether the client is aware of the content of any material so transmitted or not.
6.3 Only files necessary for the operation of the website may be stored on the server. The company does not allow warez, file distribution/streaming, software distribution, file backup storage, free hosting providers, hosting banners or graphics or cgi scripts for other websites, Storing pages/files/data as a repository for other websites, pornographic sites or IRC Bots.
6.4 Clients may not store more data in their account than their allotted quota.
6.5 The clients account should use no more than 10% of the servers resources which may have a detrimental effect on other customers.
6.6 Clients must not participate in any form of unsolicited bulk e-mailing or spam.
6.7 Your web space may only be used for hosting web sites and files to be used with your web sites.
6.8 Clients may not run server processes, such as talkers or IRC Bots from their login account.
6.9 Clients may not use FTP for webcam broadcasting purposes.
6.10 Any breach of the above provisions may result in an immediate withdrawal of service provided by the company, warnings will be given first, if possible, to allow you to remove banned content.

7. Company's Liability
7.1 Under no circumstances whatsoever will the company be liable for economic, indirect or consequential loss arising from delays, service interruptions or data loss.
7.2 The company will not be responsible for loss occasioned by computer viruses, whether introduced by the Company's software or otherwise.
7.3 The company will protect your privacy and not distribute your personal details to any third party.
7.4 The company reserves the right to remove material deemed inappropriate from your web pages, without prior notice. This includes, but is not limited to, Warez, pornography or defamatory statments.
7.5 The company shall not be held liable for any loss or damage caused by the use, misuse, unavailability or removal of services.
7.6 Whilst the company shall expeditiously seek domain registration, the company shall not be liable in the event of the domain having been registered by some other person by the time the company seeks registration in which event a full refund will be paid to the client without any other liability on the part of the company for loss by the client.

8. Client's Liability
8.1 It is the responsibility of the client to take all reasonable steps to protect the company from any form of computer virus or spyware, to patch and maintain all scripts and maintain databases secure.
8.2 Data stored on our servers is backed up. It is the responsibility of the client to keep independent backup files of important data. The company cannot be held responsible for any loss incurred from the client's failure to backup files, scripts or databases.
8.3 Telnet shell accounts are made available for editing and setting up your website. It is not a development platform for issues unrelated to your website.
8.4 Clients must not leave their home directory at anytime
8.5 Clients must not attempt to gain the privileges of another user.
8.6 Any interference with the following files will result in your telnet access being removed -.bash_history - .bash_logout - .bash_profile - .bashvc
8.7 Clients may have commercial use of web and ftp space. This privilege must not be abused. If the company believes that this or any other facilities have been abused by the client, this will result in an immediate termination of the account.
8.8 Clients will be responsible for the content of their page(s) including obtaining the legal permission for any works they include and ensuring that the contents of their page(s) do not violate UK or any other laws that may be applicable.
8.9 The client will protect the company from and accept responsibility for any defamatory, confidential, secret or other proprietary material available via their page(s).
8.10 When seeking domain registration, the client will be responsible when placing an order to ensure that the domain has not been registered by some other person.

9. Password Security
9.1 The client's must not divulge their login account details and/or password to any other party.
9.2 The client shall take all reasonable precautions to ensure that it is not discovered by unauthorised persons.
9.3 The company reserves the right to change the password in the event of any suspected security breach.