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    BUSINESS Design

    Everyone in business needs a website. Paper directories are dying fast.
    People now search online and want information before making contact.

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    COUNCIL Design

    Our speciality is the development of bespoke websites for town and parish councils.
    Look no further if you want an affordable, fully managed service that doesn't add to your clerk's workload.

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    COMMUNITY Design

    In partnership with your local town or parish council
    we provide free websites to qualifying community groups.
    Contact your local town or parish council
    to find out if you qualify for a free website.

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    YOUR Design

    With our Wordress installation you can build your own Blog or website.

Hosting Packages


Hosting for everyone.
Whether you're looking for a personal blog, business site, e-commerce or reseller package, we have exactly what you need including one-click script installs.

Find the right package for you

Domain Name Checker


Looking for a domain.
Make your search here. We are an ethical company. We will not register your search and then try to sell it to you at an inflated price.

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Many people come to us because they want a website but they're not sure whether to try and do it themselves, what they need or how they get started.

We don't build 'gimmicky' websites with all the bells and whistles, confusing, meaningless graphics and masses of pages that link to each other so you end up going around in circles with music that seems to have no mute button and a video that you don't want to watch.

We build clean websites, with logical navigation and logos, pictures and other material that will grab a potential customers attention. We know from experience that fact based websites, where content is king, will perform better.

Build Your Own Site!

We're proud to bring you the world's biggest sitebuilder - Wordpress.

We'll take care of all the setting up leaving you to make your own mark on the world.

Millions of people can't all be wrong.

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